Quality Assurance

We work with disparate artisan groups across the country and our products travel far and wife before they reach you. We are proud of the quality of our products and all products go through a stringent 4 step quality process:

  • Fabric Check
  • Pre-Stitching Check
  • Post-Stitching Check
  • Pre-shipment Check
Before shipping any item to you, we check for the exactness of the sizes as mentioned on the website. The margin of error allowed is less than 1/2 mm. Every single product is checked thoroughly for spots, nicks, colour bleeding before it is packed and sent to you. A final check is done just before the item is put into the package. 
We provide a 6 month free return guarantee against any colour bleeding - that of the patch/emrboidery thread onto the product. This is an unheard of promise in the fast changing apparels & fashion industry where trends change every 6 month. 
All our products come with a generous 4 inch margin and double stitching for you to alter them locally. 
We are proud and sure of what we make, and we stand by our promise of quality. 
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