Our Journey So Far

We are an organisation based out of the famous temple town of Vrindaban in UP. We started out with 6 members in 2010. We currently employ 30 full-time people in our headoffice-cum-workshop in Vrindaban.

Initially engaged with 3 hand-embroidery artisan groups where we trained them in making easy to maintain, quality womenswear, we are now associated with around 30 clusters. We are also associated with numerous handloom weaving groups. We regularly train them in new designs,silhouttes & colour combinations so they make saleable, good quality clothing using traditional skills.

In the course of 8 years, HandsOfIndia has also trained numerous youth who had dropped out of school in different vocations such as tailoring, photography, modelling, basic computers, accounting and management skills. The entire HandsOfIndia unit at Vrindaban, its website and the exhibitions it does around the country are run by these young men and women.

  • We are proud of sustainably employing and training people - all of whom are first-generation salaried workers. 
  • We are proud of working with traditional craftswomen/men and making beautiful long lasting environment friendly products. 
  • We are proud of the long-lasting customer bonds we have built over the last 8 years. 
  • And we are proud of being known as an honest and confident brand....
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