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We want to...

Create an umbrella brand that:

  • Is synonymous with quality handmade products from India.
  • Helps move handicrafts up the value chain, so that consumers are proud of owning and buying HOI products.

Empower craftspeople by:

  • Training them in design and quality techniques so they create products, which can compete in today’s markets.
  • Creating a quality process for each kind of handmade item. Such a process, which can be used for reference by all artists, will ensure uniformity of quality and easy replication.
  • Helping them reach a stage where they can function independently, with minimal support from us.
  • Creating a platform where the artisans can directly interact with the customers and educate themselves on what will work and what will not.
  • Creating a support infrastructure for the artisans, so they can escape loan and interest traps.

Promote the value of handmade items so that:

  • Consumers worldwide think of handmade items as the preferred choice.
  • Customers come to understand the benefits of handmade products, the passion and effort it takes to create them and the individual attention given to crafting each piece.

Preserve and protect the craft tradition by:

  • Documenting the various art forms of India, with a view to creating a database that will be used by future generations.
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