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About HOI

1) Where is HandsOfIndia based out of?

HandsOfIndia is a Private Limited company based out of Vrindaban, Mathura. Though the company is incorporated in Vrindaban and has a design unit there, we work with artisans from all over India.

2) Who are the promoters of the outfit?

HOI is promoted by two sisters - Malyada Goverdhan and Ramya Rangacharya. You can read more about us here.

3) What is the mission of HOI?

Our mission is - "To become synonymous with fairly traded, eco-friendly and genuine handcrafted products, of the very highest quality, from all over India.'.
In case you want to dig deeper, please read up on our work philosophy, and the rest here.

4) What is the legal nature of the company?

HOI is incorporated in Vrindabanas a Private Limited company, a for-profit firm where Ramya and Malyada are the current two directors. The company is based out of Vrindaban. Its audits are submitted every year certified by a Chartered Accountant, and it holds all the valid licenses for procuring products from various states in India, and then selling them in the country.

5) Why is HOI not a member of the fair trade organisations?

We are currently starting up, and it will take us about a year or so to get ourselves certified. We are currently undergoing the process of getting recommendations for the membership, and hope to achieve it soon. We understand its a fair expectation of the customers from us.
We as an organization have an equal partnership with the artisans. We work with them closely at various levels, help them in understanding and retaining design aspects of the craft, catalogue their products, and provide financial support.

6) Are HOI products certified as eco-friendly?

All, but a few, products on HOI are hand made without the use of a powered machinery. We use handloom extensively, but in rare cases, where linen is required, we use power loom cloth. In terms of the dyes that are used, we are currently in the process of getting natural dyeing certifications. Any 100% organic or natural product will be listed as such. If they are not listed specifically, then it means that either the colour used in dyeing or the fabric constituent has chemical properties in it. All the products on the website are completely handmade from only natural items though.

7) Are all products designed by HOI?

A lot of products on HOI are traditional pieces, the design for which has been the handed down over generations. In a lot of categories though, we are designing products along with the artisans , usually making them more contemporary. We are also enhancing the functional aspects of traditional products, and moulding them to fit into today's lifestyle.

8) Is HOI a not-for-profit firm?

HOI is a for-profit organization, and the handsofindia.com website is part of it. We are in the process of incorporating a not-for-profit wing, which will work closely with artisans of a region in developing their skills, and educating them to develop quality systems and new designs. Once a group is developed, it will be handed over to the for-profit wing, which will then help market the products directly to the consumers.

Order Delivery - Shipping

1) What shipping options do I have at HOI?

HOI has an account with Fedex India, and all its shipments are shipped using Fedex, as long as the PIN Code given by the customer is covered by it. In case Fedex does not reach a particular Pin Code, we use India Post or some other courier for the delivery to be done.

2) How can I Track My Order?

Once your item has been shipped, your tracking number will be available on your "My Purchase History" page, against the order. The status of the item will also correspondingly change to 'Shipped'. As soon as your item is shipped, you will also get an email with your tracking number and a web link where you will be able to track it.

Privacy and Security

1) How is my transaction on the site secure?

All the transactions involving your credit are done outside the handsofindia.com domain, on the ccavenue website, which is India's biggest payment gateway service provider. Its a completely secured environment to transact in. We neither store your details, nor we ever get to see them. We just store your email details, and will never share them with anyone. In addition to this, we are a secure certified site, and just as a safety precaution, all the pages on the website which require you to log-in will be secure pages - which means that your conversation with us through those pages will be encrypted, and any third party will not be able to eaves-drop. You can make out the secure pages by the URL in your browser address bar. All the secure pages will start with https instead of the usual http. You can read our complete privacy and security policy here .

2) Does HOI store my credit card/billing address details?

No, HOI does not store any of these details in its own database. Please read the response to the question above. Always remember that we will never ask for your credit card/billing details ever, either on our website or through any email. In case you receive any such requests, please do not reply to the email, and forward the email to us at .

Exchange and Return

1) What if I want to return the items I have purchased?

Please read our Exchange&Return policy here. In case it still doesnt answer your question, please write to us at .

2) My item has been delivered in a damaged condition, what do I do?

If possible, please click some pictures of the packet the way it was delivered to you. In case the damage only showed once you opened the packet, please click photos of the item, if possible. Write to us asap, at mentioning your order number. You will have to ship back the damaged item to us, and we will replace it with another piece, completely free of cost. Please read our policy here for complete details.

3) I am not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered, what do i do?

Please do write into us with details at . Remember to mention the order number in your email. We will try our best to help you out, and in case of any real issue, we will replace the item. Please remember that handcrafted items are one of their kind. The inconsistency in the warp and weft, and colours is the essential quality of a handcrafted item. The colour might not match the exact shade you thought it to be, but inspite of our efforts, the colour display varies as per the monitor you are using, and the camera used to taken the photograph. We try to keep the colour on the website as close to the actual item as possible, but sometimes minute variations do occur. in the rare case your recieve a defective item, we will replace it with either the same item, if it is in stock, or offer you a refund.


1) Can I have an item custom made?

Yes, you can, but we cannot guarantee the availability of some of the items throughout the year. The handicraft business is dependant a lot on the seasons, and we will try our best to get what you want. Please fill our enquiry form here. Select Custom Order as the option, and try to give as much detail as possible. We will get back to you within 3 business days.

2) How can I order items in bulk?

Please fill our enquiry form here, and select Bulk Order as the option. We cannot guarantee bulk supplies immediately, as hand made items by nature need time to get made, but we will try our best to meet your needs.

Outside India Customers

1) What if I live outside India and want to pay in foreign currency?

We currently do not have a necessary licenses to export outside India, as soon as it is available, you will be able to order from outside India and pay in USD.

Internet Explorer Issues

1) All the product photos are looking distorted in Internet Explorer, what do I do?

The zoom feature component on the product details page is not compatible with Internet Explorer. This site is best viewed in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Please switch to these browsers for a better shopping experience.



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